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Check-Out These Skill-Based Udemy Project Management Programs 

by Maria

The more you have to add to your portfolio, the better your chances of being shortlisted for a job. Project management is a technical concept, not to mention a high position requiring skills and abilities. What is also required simultaneously is some experience or certification to prove that you stand out from other candidates. Udemy is the go-to platform for such certifications and courses at your comfort, with only the best to offer.

While Udemy has multiple options to choose from when it comes to project management programs, you can take your pick by considering the time, skills you’d like to learn, type of certification, duration, cost and so on. Learn more about Udemy’s project management programs as you read.

Udemy Project Management Programs:

1. IT Project Management For Beginners 

IT Project Management For Beginners 

IT Project Management For Beginners | HItrendsetter

If you have an IT background or are interested in a project management field dealing with the IT sector, IT project management programs for beginners are the way to go. With a 4.4 star rating, this course has all the basics you need to prepare yourself in the technology sector and projects. Those who are newbies, have basic IT knowledge, or even wish to try their hand at a project for the first time can opt for this project management programs.

It has no prerequisites. The program includes key lectures by resource persons along with various documents and other material that you can refer to. It also offers full-time access to various media for your practice and provides a certificate of completion. With over 7000 students already benefiting from this project management programs, you can also register and get certified!


2. The Complete Project Management Fundamentals Course with CERT

The Complete Project Management Fundamentals Course with CERT

The Complete Project Management Fundamentals Course with CERT | Hitrendsetter

If you’re looking for something more than basic and have a more steady certification, opt for Udemy’s Complete Project Management Fundamentals Course with CERT. This project management course is designed to kickstart your project management career and even train you to lead and manage a project team. This course also goes into more detail and focuses on all responsibilities of a project manager, right from scheduling, budgeting, planning, assessment and more. This course is ideal if you want a serious and detailed understanding of project management. It offers 10.5-hour on-demand videos, various study and reference materials, and a downloadable source.

Moreover, this course tests your learning and provides lifetime full access and a certificate of completion. This is one of the most efficient and productive online project management certificate programs on Udemy, with over 27,000 students already practising. 

3. Simple Software Project Management

Diving into the more practical and realistic field, this project management course has more than basic learning to offer. Top companies like Eventbrite offer the Simple Software project management programs by Udemy. The highlights of this course are teaching efficiency in managing projects like a veteran and offering learning on various basic software using different methodologies like Hybrid, Waterfall and more.

With over 4000 students participating in this project management programs, a solid 4.3-star rating is awarded to the same. You get a certificate of completion in addition to various reference material, downloadable material and lifetime access to the same. However, since this course deals with the use of software and its understanding, a prerequisite is to have basic skills in software engineering. 

4. Project Management: Master Project Scope Management  

Project Management: Master Project Scope Management  

Project Management: Master Project Scope Management  | Hitrendsetter

This project management course is another one of the detailed and developed project management programs available on Udemy. There is more than the basics in this online project management certificate program. Offerings include learning how to efficiently manage projects, understanding project management, eliminating errors, and more. The program’s top learning skills are creating WBS dictionaries, PMP practice exams and more.

This course, too, offers certification, lifetime access to various sources and more. With 15 downloadable resources, this course is quite a wholesome one. Moreover, with over 16,000 participants, this course has received a solid 4.3-star rating. 

5. Master Project Management

Master Project Management

Master Project Management | Hitrendsetter

If you’re looking for the ultimate deal, this project management program is for you. Opt for the Master project management programs on Udemy. This course teaches all about the various project management criteria and concepts that will help you become an efficient project manager in the future. The PMP or PMI method, making Gantt charts, PERT diagrams and more are included in this course. This project management course also offers to learn from zero experience, working with budgets, assessing mistakes and more.

Chris Croft, an international speaker and author well-versed in project management, will be handling and teaching this course, so you’re learning from one of the best. With a 4.6 star rating and over 32,000 participants engrossed in this project management programs, be sure to get your seat and profit from all the experience and skill. 


Udemy has a variety of project management programs to pick from. Based on your knowledge, existing skills, duration and more, you can choose from over 20 different types of courses here. Hitrendsetter offers top-notch information and sources for learning and enhancement, so stay connected. 


What is the best course for project management?
The best course for project management is the Master Project Management course on Udemy, taught by an international speaker and author who dives into various concepts and methodologies of project management. 
What are the 4 types of project management?
The 4 types of project management are Waterfall, Agile, Scrum and Lean. There may also be other types of sb categories depending on the client. 
What programs do project managers use?
JIRA is one of the most commonly used programs by project managers. However, depending on different needs, other software is also popularly used.


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