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Luxuriate And Rejoice With These Food Tours In Paris

by Maria

We all deserve a much needed break. And what’s better than a relaxing food tour in a marvelous city? Paris, the ‘City of Lights, is a stunning getaway destination. The vibrant culture of this city includes gastronomy, nature, famous monuments, rivers, exquisite palaces and more! food tours in Paris Foodies are in for a big treat because the culinary treasures of this city are addicting! Viator, a travel platform is the ideal place to help you find your favorite tour packages. Whether you are a  nature aficionado or a die hard foodie, there are various tour options for you! 

Why choose Viator’s tours?

A convenient travel platform,Viator has established itself as a go-to in this industry. With a plethora of tour options from wildlife tours, cycle tours to food tours, everything is covered here. With an impeccable choice range, users get options that cater the most with them. Including top attractions, activities and transportation services, Viator is a handy and reputable platform for all your travel needs.

Food Culture in Paris

The food culture in Paris is an ensemble of tasty dishes and delicacies. It is like a window into the magnificent world of French cuisine. Some of the most famous dishes and food items in Paris are- Croissants, cheese, macarons, crepes, and baguettes. The gastronomy of Paris is highly influenced by years of history and traditions and is deep-rooted in them. It is true that the French cuisine has kept those traditions ongoing and has a strong appreciation for them.

Top 5 food tours in Paris

If you want to dive deeper into the food culture of Paris but are confused about where to begin then don’t worry! Have a look at these 5 food tours in Paris for some ideas. 

1. Paris Walking Food Tour

Paris Walking Food Tour

Paris Walking Food Tour

A dream come true for food lovers, this food tour is one you shouldn’t miss out on. Inclusive of appetizing items like cheese, baked breads, sausages and more! This 6 stop tour covers an array of food options for travelers to try. You can decide which neighborhood you want to visit- The Montmartre or Notre Dame. Quickly, get your hands on the ultimate delicacies without wasting any more time!

2. Montmartre Hill Food & Wine Tasting Tour

This ten stop tour is everything a foodie will ever ask for. The featured items included in this tour are- chocolates, macarons, gourmet cheese, wines (of course), and more! An added benefit of this tour is getting to see landmarks like the Moulin Rouge along the way.  Discover the authentic flavors of Montmartre food and wine on this tour. 

Spread the magic of these yummy Parisian treats to your taste buds and enjoy an enchanting experience that you surely won’t forget!

3. Paris Chocolate and Pastry Private Tour

Paris Chocolate and Pastry Private Tour

Paris Chocolate and Pastry Private Tour

Got a love for sweets? Then you are in the right place. Because this Chocolate and Pastry tour won’t disappoint you. Indulge in a close knitted experience with several other travelers as you get the opportunity to nibble on some of the tastiest Parisian desserts. Gain an insight into the local eating culture and get acquainted with their favorite sweets. 

Give yourself some relaxation and a much needed break after the tour with an inclusive picnic.

4. Paris Bakery Behind the Scenes Experience

Ever wondered how to bake? Then don’t wait for a specific day and just go for it with this tour. Learn about the ‘behind the scenes’ of a bakery and get some baking experience from experts. Some food items that you may learn to bake are- Baguettes, Pastries and Croissants. 

If you are not a fan of crowds, then this tour is the right one for you. Being limited to only eight people, it gives travelers the opportunity to socialize more personally or focus on what they love-Baking. Either way, it is a win-win situation! 

5. Seine River Gourmet Lunch & Sightseeing Cruise

Seine River Gourmet Lunch & Sightseeing Cruise

Seine River Gourmet Lunch & Sightseeing Cruise

Have a two in one experience. Enjoy a special meal and the stunning view outside the cruise.

Absolutely splendid for a romantic getaway, this sightseeing cruise tour is exactly what two lovebirds need. So pour a glass of wine for your loved one and get captivated by the breathtaking view.


The culinary culture of Paris is filled with savory and mouthwatering delicacies. Explore the food tours in Paris and experience a blend of from sweet finger-licking pastries to unique wines, these flavors are waiting for you to taste them! All your travel related queries will be resolved by Viator. Enjoy the user-friendly platform and have a memorable trip experience. For more information, visit hitrendsetter


Are food tours in Paris worth it?
Food tours in Paris are definitely worth your time! Through these tours, you can get an insight into the gastronomic culture of Paris. Paris is filled with a rich and diverse culture, which will certainly keep you intrigued and wanting more. 
What are some good platforms for finding the best food tours in Paris?
Some platforms where you can find trusted and great food tours are- Secret Food tours, Viator, Paris by Mouth, My Private Paris. If you want more options you can search the web or reach out to your tour operator.
Are food tours in Paris expensive?
The cost of food tours in Paris depends upon factors like duration, tour inclusions, tour operators and type of meals included. Mostly, food tours in Paris are affordable and an enjoyable experience. If you want cheaper options, you can check out the tour operator’s website or check for offers and discounts.

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