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Get Away From Your Normal Boring Routine With These Adult Vacation Spots

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Adult vacation spots are the best way to unwind and take a break from normal life. They are highly appealing because of the ultimate tranquility and peace one can get from them. Especially ideal for parents looking to spend some intimate time away from the kids! Or child-free couples who want to make the most out of their vacation. Viator, a travel based platform, provides a diverse range of vacation tour options. An absolutely convenient and handy place, it is the perfect place to plan out your travel blueprint.

Adult vacation spots- Let loose and take a chill pill

Adult vacation spots help one be free-minded and just enjoy. Whether it’s a DJ night or a sightseeing cruise, the extensive options will surely keep you excited! If we talk about an overall experience, adult vacations also give you the opportunity to spend some personal time and get to know your loved ones intimately. Adult vacations boast a divergent mix of activities like spas, romantic resorts, island tours, recreational tours and so much more!

Famous adult vacation spots and activities on Viator

With so many amazing destinations, it can be difficult to choose one. And to make it a little easier for you, here are some recommendations for adult vacation spots you can consider!

1. Punta Cana

Located in the Dominican Republic, Punta Cana is filled with exquisite beaches and islands. An ideal place to embrace your carefree side. If you are looking for some party then go on a dancing spree at exclusive island parties. Or explore the underwater world and join in on a snorkel tour with a close-knit group.

Some adult vacation tours in Punta Cana are- Adult Only Coral Nursery Snorkeling with Seafood Lunch and Small Group Adults Only Snorkel with Food and drinks. You can go through Viator’s website for more options!

2. Cancun


Cancun | Hitrensitter

Cancun, the realm of luxurious sights, is a pristine and serene sight. Definitely a treat for the eyes. With a bounty of activities to do including the vivid nightlife, stunning beaches, and visual aesthetics, Cancun is exactly what you need to dust off that stress.

Get ready for a boat party session or enjoy a cruise to Isla Mujeres. Groove to the music as you bask in the beauty of the Mexican coastline. If you want to do something different then how about an underwater museum or visit Chichen Itza which is a part of the New Seven Wonders of the World.

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3. New Orleans, USA

A horror fanatic? How does a cemetery tour sound? Did you get goosebumps yet? Sit back because there is more! If you are a die hard fan of the famous Vampire Diaries spinoff “The Originals” then you will love the vampire tour. Get ready to be spooked and visit some of the eeriest places that will keep you on your toes.

Viator’s New Orleans adult tours consist of haunted pubs, cemetery visits, ghost tours, vampire tours, true crime tours and more! Relive your biggest horror fantasies and tell the tales to your friends.

4. Cyprus


Cyprus | Hitrendsitter

Get your dose of much needed relaxation in Cyprus. An excellent destination for those who want to venture into the traveling world. There are a wide range of options for you to visit and make memories at. Visit the mountain ranges or zoos if nature makes you happy. Don’t forget to check out the UNESCO listed sites like the Rock of Aphrodite and Tombs of the Kings. Enjoy a glass of beer and some barbeque styled dishes or revel in the seaside view as you sunbathe.

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5. Vegas

Popular for party enthusiasts and a high-spirited nightlife, Vegas is a great option for those who want to detox from their daily schedules by jamming to the music and having some drinks. Take your bridesmaids on a bachelorette party to a live music show or book tickets to a nightlife tour and bring out your inner explorer.

Are you deep into the mystery scene? Then how does a scavenger hunt sound? Or do you feel like being a marksman for a day? Try out the shooting tour in the desert!

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In conclusion, adult vacation spots are an ideal way to escape to a child-free environment and have fun with your loved one. Viator’s range of adult vacation spots is diverse and ensures that different kinds of audience are catered to. If you feel like exploring and unwinding in a peaceful manner, away from the daily routine then this one’s for you! For more information, please visit Viator and the official website of hitrendsetter.


What is an adult only vacation?
An adult only vacation includes people above the age of 18. These kinds of vacations aim to provide exclusive experiences tailored especially for adults. Some  examples are- resort vacations, cruises, night tours, parties and clubs. Adult only vacations are a perfect way to get away from children and just do your own thing!
How do I find adult vacation spots near me?
To find nearby adult vacation spots you can take the help of several free and handy platforms. Some of the platforms you can consider are- Tripadvisor, Rumbo, and Viator. Whether it’s the nightlife you want to enjoy or a relaxing cruise vacation, you can filter your search accordingly and find the best options for yourself.
Can two unmarried adults stay in a hotel?
Yes, two unmarried adults can stay in hotels without any worries. Before booking your tickets for the desired place, do check the hotel regulations and custom reviews. Some places do not allow unmarried couples to stay together and that is why you need to research properly and be 100% sure before booking.

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