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Top Travel Destinations That You Should Consider For Your Next Holiday

by Maria

Are you confused about your next vacation? You are not alone. Deciding the right place can be a mind-boggling experience! There are so many things to consider in addition to planning an itinerary. But you are in luck, because Viator is here for you. Viator, a travel based platform specializes in providing travelers with a wide variety of top travel destinations, tour options, and activities to consider for their trips. 

Why choose Viator?

Viator is a convenient platform that is an absolute treasure for travelers. Discover the top activities, tours and trending sights of top-tier travel destinations like Paris, Rome, Barcelona and more! Need more inspiration for your trip? Viator got you! Viator believes in making memorable experiences attainable. 

Whether it’s an outdoorsy activity like horse riding or a midnight food tour, the broad array of activities and tours will keep you hooked. Keep reading to find out some top travel destinations that can be your next vacation spot! 

Top travel destinations on Viator that deserve your attention

Relax and let’s delve into some hotspot destinations that are an absolute beauty!

1. Dubai 


Dubai | Hitrendsetter

Is Dubai on your bucket list? Then it’s time to take it out! One of the most fascinating attractions in the world, Dubai is home to famous sights like Burj Khalifa and Dubai Marina. This luxurious city is an ensemble of opulence, skyscrapers, desert and beaches.  

If you are a gastronome then how about a BBQ dinner and some refreshments on a desert tour? Or, if you are intrigued by nature then how about a speedboat tour? There is an expansive collection of tours on Viator that cater to different kinds of people.

2. Tokyo

Japan’s splendid capital Tokyo is every adventurer’s big dream. With a multitude of things to do here, this visually aesthetic destination will not bore you! Known widely for its “Cherry Blossoms”, this city has a vast number of activities for you to do. 

Enjoy the stunning sight at Mount Fuji or get acquainted with the city’s rich culture. The choice is yours! If you are heavy into cultures then keep a day for exploring cultural sites like shrines, markets, temples, and more!

3. Australia


Australia | Hitrendsetter

With a myriad of diverse things to do, Australia is the ultimate destination where you will find it all. Take a trip to a wildlife park, get enchanted with the iconic landmarks or spend some time with nature at places like Mossman Gorge. Australia has a lot of UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as Lake Mckenzie and Great Barrier Reef National Park. 

This city is filled with magnificent sights making it a perfect option for a memorable trip.

4. Punta Cana

Beach lovers, your attention is required! Because Punta Cana is here to offer you an excitement-filled vacation. Treat yourself to a relaxing day at the beach accompanied by some wine or let your daring side shine and take part in some outdoor adventures like ziplining! 

An ideal place for those who love being adventurous and have a knack for challenging themselves! Just imagine enjoying the sea view whilst horseback riding. Doesn’t that sound dreamy? Well it’s all possible here at Punta Cana!

5. Rio De Janeiro

Rio De Janeiro

Rio De Janeiro | Hitrendsetter

You surely should not miss out on the bustle and energy of Brazil. The culture and heritage of this city are a blend of factors like history, people and customs that are still very deep-rooted there. Visit beaches, national parks, famous neighborhoods or enjoy concerts with your loved ones.  

Rio De Janeiro is a perfect choice for those who want to experience a thrilling family vacation. Bond with your loved ones as you get familiar with this city’s vibrant and dynamic culture.

6. Rome

Rome is a fusion of art, culture, history and spectacular architecture.Deeply ingrained in history, Rome’s architecture includes majestic chapels, museums and more. Hop on a Vatican tour or go check out the Colosseum. If the inner traveler in you is hungry for more then how about a Tuscany Day trip? You can even embark on a food tour and devour the tasty delicacies.

Viator offers a sundry of options for those who want to visit this gorgeous place. So your dream to visit Rome is closer than ever!  

These are just some suggestions, for more options please visit Viator’s website.


Viator has made planning itineraries a handy and smooth process. Vacation planning is no more a challenging ordeal. From deciding the right place, tour plans to activities, everything is sorted out for you. All in one place. Whenever you feel confused, go through our top travel destinations for better clarity! 

For more information, please visit hitrendsetter


What are some top travel destinations?
Some top travel destinations you should definitely think of visiting are- Paris, New York, Las Vegas, Dubai, London! 
Is traveling expensive?
Traveling doesn’t need to be an expensive experience. If you are budget-conscious then there are some great options for you! You can choose to travel off-season, plan an itinerary in advance which stays in your budget, and consider modes of transportation that will help save money. For example, when you reach your ideal destination you can choose to explore the area using public transportation which is more affordable. 
What are some top travel destinations that are affordable?
Some top travel destinations you can consider if you are tight on a budget are- Thailand, India, Indonesia, Turkey, Sri Lanka and Vietnam. These places have a diverse culture, stunning sights, and delicious cuisines. The strong historical backgrounds of these top travel destinations offer captivating stories and anecdotes to listen to. 

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