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Budget Holidays You Can Add To Your Travel Basket!

by Maria

Vacations, although fun, can be expensive. With the rising expenses it is hard to take some time out for recreational purposes. Whether it’s a trip or going to your favorite shopping outlets. But why should you miss out on the fun when you have the option of budget holidays?  Viator, your ultimate guide to planning a smooth and budget-friendly trip is here for you! 

All you need to do is choose a desired location that has budget-friendly options and then let Viator help you plan out the perfect itinerary! Budget holidays not only give one the opportunity to seek adventure and get out of the normal routine, but they also provide pocket-friendly experiences that one surely can’t forget! 

About Viator

Viator, a travel based marketplace aims to provide memorable experiences to travelers. With an extensive assortment of tours and activities to do, Viator ensures that it caters to audiences of different types. You can find all sorts of activities here, depending upon your mood. If you feel like going for a spooky day out or a midnight food tour then all these desires can be fulfilled through this convenient and handy platform. 

If you are confused about which place to go for your next vacation then Viator provides suggestions for that too. If you are looking for specific budget holidays then you’ll find those here as well!

5 budget holidays recommendations you should consider! 

Want to go for a retreat without breaking the bank? Then how about considering these budget holiday options that will give you unforgettable memories!

1. Vietnam

Get enchanted by the captivating aura of Vietnam. This city is definitely one in a million. With stunning rivers, architecture, museums and historically significant sights your itinerary is going to be intriguing! 

Vietnam has UNESCO World Heritage sites like Ha Long Bay and Hoi An Ancient Town. Viator’s Vietnam tours are absolutely adventurous. How about a cruise trip around Ha Long Bay? If you want some more enjoyment then does exploring the famous Chi Chi tunnels sound good? 

And what if you start feeling hungry? Viator has got that covered too! Join in on some street food tours and taste the delicious Vietnamese cuisine.

2. Thailand


Thailand | Hitrendsetter

An attractive tourist destination, Thailand has made its name as a hotspot when it comes to pristine beaches, temples and a vibrant culture. With a plethora of activities to do here, bring out your inner adventurer and make fulfilling memories. 

Aside from the exquisite sights, Thailand offers an economical vacation experience. From accommodations, meals, and availability of reliable public transportation, this country is absolutely ideal for those who wish to have a frugal trip. Although expenses depend on various factors, if proper research is undertaken then Thailand is a great place to visit!

3. Portugal

Welcome to Portugal, a country filled with elegant architecture. From towers, churches to monasteries, you cannot miss out on these heavenly sights. To have a cheap travel experience in Portugal, it is recommended to choose accommodations and eateries wisely. Using public transportation is a good choice. 

Make the most out of it in this Southern European country. You will not be disappointed, that’s a guarantee!

4. Mexico


Mexico | Hitrendsetter

Let out that extrovert side of yours and explore this beautiful city. From beach parties to cruise tours, the range of activities you can consider are wide! Sway to the groovy beats at a cruise party or go on a jungle adventure, the choice is all yours! 

Plan for an action packed weekend or enjoy a hot air balloon flight. From budget-friendly accommodations to eateries, your ideal travel blueprint is in action!

5. Nepal

Are you fascinated by mountains? How does experiencing the visual aesthetics of Mount Everest in real life sound? Hop on a tour to the Everest base camp or a scenic flight over Mount Everest! Besides that, you can appreciate the beauty of Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital on a heritage day tour. 

Hiking and trekking lovers are in luck, because Viator has plenty of options for them as well! 

These are just a few suggestions, for more options visit Viator’s website.


Holidaying without overspending is not so difficult. And Viator proves the same! You do not need to compromise on your desires anymore. Go fulfill your dreams and let Viator be your ultimate navigator. All you need to do is plan your holiday budget and itinerary in advance and research thoroughly before making a decision! All the best for your vacation, go make nostalgic memories. For more, please visit hitrendsetter’s website. 


What does a budget holiday mean?
A budget holiday basically means a vacation or trip that is planned with keeping cost as a key factor. It is designed on the basis of a person’s desired budget. The goal of a budget holiday is to give on the benefit of a vacation without causing strain on finances. If you are budget-conscious and want to opt for a budget holiday then do go through the recommendations above! 
How to ensure a successful budget holiday?
The main purpose of a budget holiday is to help you spend as little as possible. Plan out your itinerary keeping in mind your budget, try to avail offers and discounts, choose accommodations that are in line with your budget and finally do check out for off-season deals. 
Is off-season travel worth it?
Yes! If you are someone who wants to keep your budget in check then this is a great option for you. Not a fan of big crowds? Then you should consider off-season travel. Aside from the benefit of saving money, you will have a peaceful and quiet experience away from the big overwhelming crowds. 

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