Ten Genius Study Hacks to Save your Time

Ten Genius Study Hacks to Save your Time 

Study Before Going to Sleep

According to research, studying before bed helps you retain the most knowledge.

Find the Right Place

Because where you study is so crucial, finding a place without distractions at home is essential.

Short Periods of Study

Because we all have a limit before our attention wanders, Study in shorter, more frequent bursts. It is one of the study hacks known as the Pomodoro timer that may be useful.

Treat Yourself

sume a piece of candy after each page read. Have a reward if you test yourself with a short quiz and do well Although it may appear strange, human brains function better under a rewarding system.

Make Concept Maps or Mind Map

You scribbled feverishly throughout lectures, writing down everything, and now you have the most beautiful pages of notes.

Test yourself Periodically

You’re tearing through your notes or chapter pages at breakneck speed. But then you realize you’ve forgotten all you’ve just read.