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From Baronial Castles To Windswept Coastal Landmarks: The 8 Best Spas In Scotland

by Maria

The rural Scottish countryside, with its misty highlands, peaceful lochs, and unspoiled shoreline, is a natural remedy for anyone seeking to relax and unwind—and that’s before you’ve even checked into one of the best spas in Scotland. Some of Scotland’s best spas can be found amid windswept coastline landmarks and baronial castles. There will be a Scottish haven available to revitalise and rejuvenate you, whether you’re looking for an immersive retreat or a custom facial. 

Scotland’s Best Countryside Spas Perfect for Restorative Break 

Here’s our pick of 8 best spas in Scotland, where you will find the perfect holistic havens towards the north of the border.

1. Gleneagles, Perthshire

Gleneagles, Perthshire

Gleneagles, Perthshire | Hitrendsetter

Best for: wholesome wellness

Price: Doubles from £575cvcc

One of the most adored, recognisable and best spas in Scotland, Gleneagles was first established in the 1920s as a railway holiday hotel. What is its key to success? Over the years, it has undergone constant change, with stylish makeovers, cutting-edge events available, and exceptional food options keeping the hotel at the forefront. The Spa at Gleneagles, one of the hotel’s primary draws, has elevated the isolated facility to the status of a stand-alone destination.

From its massage oils infused with heather to its verdant relaxation garden, the spa makes ample use of its breathtaking, organic surroundings. With two indoor pools, an outdoor thermal pool, and a number of thermal cottages, one may pass away hours. On the 850-acre estate, you may also pass the time by exploring or practising your swing on the golf course. 

This year, there’s a new “mud cure” known as Taigh Smuide, which translates as “Steam House” in Scottish Gaelic. Inspired by traditional Scottish healing methods, and employing natural mud and Scottish sea salts, a skilled spa host leads clients through the three-step process, which helps relieve tension and is especially helpful for skin conditions. A residency with Grown Alchemist, a skincare brand, is another new addition for 2024. A carefully chosen treatment menu using the brand’s state-of-the-art skincare technologies should be expected (facials from £185).

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2. Marine Troon, South Ayrshire

Marine Troon, South Ayrshire

Marine Troon, South Ayrshire | Hitrendsetter

Best for: Organic respite

Price: Doubles from £159

After undergoing extensive renovations, the once-jaded Victorian hotel Marine Troon reopened in the summer of 2022. With a modern, maximalist aesthetic, the hotel’s renovated exterior captures the rich golfing history of Royal Troon Golf Club, which is situated above its first and eighteenth holes.

Despite its tiny size, the spa offers powerful therapies with a coastal motif, paying homage to the adjacent beach town of Troon, which has a view of the Isle of Arran. Make a reservation for its Golfer’s Massage after a day of golfing; it’s ideal for sports fans coming to Royal Troon for the 152nd Open Championship in July 2024.

In the meanwhile, treatments by the organic company Ishga are available, and the spa’s heated swimming pool offers tranquil views of the Ayrshire shore. Being one of the best spas in Scotland, it employs seaweed that has been sustainably obtained from the Hebridean islands; its name means “water” in Gaelic. Consider the Detox Body Wrap, which is akin to a body supercharge: you are covered in a revitalising seaweed gel to help erase cellulite and rid yourself of impurities, after being scrubbed down with a purifying Hebridean sea salt to remove rough skin. You’ll come out of it looking like a mermaid, full of life again.

3. Isle of Mull Hotel, Craignure, Isle of Mull

Isle of Mull Hotel, Craignure, Isle of Mull

Isle of Mull Hotel, Craignure, Isle of Mull | Hitrendsetter

Best for: Wild wellness

Price: Doubles from £101

With two spa options to soothe your spirit, this laid-back Hebridean island getaway overlooks Craignure Bay on the Isle of Mull. You can have a hot mud rasul treatment in the Arabian-inspired thermal chamber at Driftwood Spa in addition to swimming in the pool. This is the ideal place for Ishga treatments, which help you feel at one with the environment. The company sources its medicinal seaweed elements from the shores of the Isle of Lewis, which is located further north.

Secluded and covered in wood, this is not only amongst the best spas in Scotland but is also a perfect place for singles or couples to unwind. Constructed on a private outdoor terrace nestled among towering grasses and forest, it has a beautifully rustic charm as if you’ve stumbled upon a well-kept coastal secret. Put on a dry robe and go out of the hotel. You can warm up in the outdoor hot tub and sauna, and cool off with a bucket shower (Wim Hoff, eat your heart out).

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4. Fletcher’s Cottages

Fletcher’s Cottages

Fletcher’s Cottages | Hitrendsetter

Best for: A haute hideaway
Price: Doubles from £325

Nothing is more cosy than the Scandi-style spa at Archerfield House; cosy up by the wood-burning stove, hide under fur throws, and unwind in the fragrance sauna at the best spas in Scotland. This is the best spot to get your mojo back, whether you stay at the main house, a Palladian jewel with views over Fidra Island Lighthouse, which is rumoured to have served as the inspiration for Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island, or one of the many lodges scattered over the 550-acre estate.

For a calming start, reserve a bath hut. Dive into walled gardens full of roses, juniper, and heather, and relax your limbs with a traditional peat bath, which is claimed to help with aches and pains and reduce tension.

Bamford offers rejuvenating facials and body treatments. To release any tension and knots, heated stones and plant-based oils are also used. Not to be missed is Voya’s enticing Odyssea Package, which will put you to sleep. You will receive a back massage and facial after taking a bath with additional essential oils and bath salts.

5. Kohler Waters Spa

Fletcher’s Cottages

Fletcher’s Cottages | Hitrendsetter

Best for: Hydrotherapy and heritage

Price: Doubles from £340

While most visitors to this iconic St Andrews hotel may come primarily to play a round on the property’s renowned golf course, the Kohler Waters Spa on-site more than makes up for its reputation. Redesigned during the pandemic, its core feature is hydrotherapy, which should come as no surprise given that Herb Kohler, the proprietor, made his money in plumbing. The spa underwent additional minor renovations last year, so everything seems to be in excellent shape. In addition, a brand-new Cold Water Wellness Retreat has been introduced for the upcoming year in collaboration with triple Olympian and silver medallist Keri-anne Payne. In May 2024, participants will be able to experience the health advantages of swimming in cold water and taking chilly plunges in the open water areas around the famous Old Course Hotel.

Concurrently, an indoor 20-meter swimming pool and a specialised thermal suite featuring a hydrotherapy pool, sauna, steam room, and plunge pool are present. In addition to a wide range of massages, facials, and organic Made for Life treatments, a selection of wet therapies take advantage of the healing qualities of water.

6. Isle of Eriska Hotel, Argyll

Kohler Waters Spa

Kohler Waters Spa | Hitrendsetter

Best for: Remote contemplation
Price: Doubles from £325

If the breathtaking vistas of Argyll’s Loch Linnhe and the Morvern mountains aren’t enough to cheer you up, then chef Ernst van Zyl’s delectable cuisine will. This mansion in the Baronial architecture exudes happiness from its old walls. Located on a separate island near Oban on Scotland’s west coast, the structure was constructed in 1884. With its historic fireplaces and wood-panelled walls, the old mansion offers an opportunity to relax amidst regal Victorian décor, while the light-filled Stables Spa feels contemporary and new.

Stroll through well-kept herb gardens, the scents of lavender and rosemary tantalising your senses, until you arrive at the site of the former stables. A 17-meter pool, jacuzzi, sauna, and steam room are located within. The cosy treatment rooms at the best spas in Scotland are decorated with scenes from the 300-acre estate’s neighbouring coastlines or forests.

7.  Fonab Castle, Pitlochry

Fonab Castle, Pitlochry

Fonab Castle, Pitlochry | Hitrendsetter

Best for: Dreamy delights
Price: Doubles from £179

Reaching Fonab Castle, which is situated on the shores of Loch Faskally beneath Ben Vrackie Mountain, seems like stepping into a personal fairy tale. Though its 42 rooms have a modern Highland design, the property dates back to 1892 with its pink walls, turrets, and elegant parapets. Even though Fonab is a massive castle, it seems cosy and personal. With aromatherapy-filled relaxation rooms and a selection of treatments from Ishga and Matis, the best spas in Scotland evoke the natural nature that can be found only feet from the entrance. The Ishga Deep Tissue massage, which employs an oil derived from seaweed and scented with juniper, lavender, and lemongrass, will make you feel like a new person. After spending days exploring the glens, moors, and rivers right outside your door, it’s the ideal form of treatment.

8. Fairmont St Andrews, St Andrews

Fairmont St Andrews, St Andrews

Fairmont St Andrews, St Andrews | Hitrendsetter

Best for: Glam escapades

Price: Doubles from £255

It will be difficult to take off your fluffy robe after you’ve put it on in the spa at Fairmont St Andrews. The calming atmosphere of the best spas in Scotland is pervasive; therapists will skillfully assist you from check-in to complete relaxation before you’ve had a chance to sip your lemon-verbena tea. One of the signature therapies is called Escape to the Hebrides, which sounds idyllic. It’s a 90-minute pure escape where your body is nurtured and exfoliated with herbal poultices and sweet-smelling jojoba, rose, and geranium oils. A scalp massage releases stress and lets your thoughts wander, and a warm marine mud mask thoroughly cleans.


Indulge in luxury amid Scotland’s picturesque landscapes at some of the best spas in Scotland. From Gleneagles’ innovative treatments to Marine Troon’s coastal-themed therapies, and the remote contemplation offered by Isle of Eriska Hotel, each spa brings a unique blend of relaxation. Fletcher’s Cottages at Archerfield House and Fonab Castle offer Scandi-style comfort and dreamy delights, while Fairmont St Andrews provides glam escapades with signature therapies. Explore yourself in the opulence of these best spas in Scotland, each promising a rejuvenating escape into Scotland’s serene beauty.

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What are the best spas in Scotland known for relaxation and rejuvenation?

Some of the best spas in Scotland are as follows:

Fonab Castle, Pitlochry
Fairmont St Andrews, St Andrews
Stobo Castle, Peeblesshire
Schloss Roxburghe, Kelso, Scottish Borders

What unique spa experiences do the best spas in Scotland offer to visitors?
The most common spa treatments are manicures/pedicures, massages, and facials. However, you might also see such treatments as a body scrub/exfoliation, a fingers or toes file & polish (like a mini manicure or pedicure) or a scalp massage.
Can you provide insights into the most luxurious spa facilities in Scotland?
Trump Turnberry Resort Ayrshire
Kimpton Charlotte Square Hotel Edinburgh
Apex City Quay Hotel & Spa Dundee
Fonab Castle Hotel & Spa Pitlochry

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