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Experience A Magical Journey With The Best Liverpool To Belfast Ferry

by Maria

Are you considering riding the Liverpool to Belfast ferry? We give all the information you need for the Liverpool to Belfast Ferry in our detailed guide. This page covers everything from ordering tickets to Birkenhead’s port, the check-in process, amenities, and much more! Taking the boat from the UK mainland to Belfast is an excellent way to get to Northern Ireland! The ride is both pleasant and picturesque, and if you wish to bring your vehicle, this is a terrific alternative. You can also check the Omio website for the best deals on Liverpool to Belfast ferry.


Getting To Liverpool

Getting To Liverpool

Getting To Liverpool | Hitrendsetter

Liverpool is conveniently accessible from all parts of the United Kingdom and Europe. John Lennon Airport, located on the Mersey Estuary, is approximately 10 kilometres from the city centre. Several trains and buses are available daily from London and other UK locations. Train travel from London Euston to Liverpool Lime Street takes about 2 hours and 20 minutes, and tickets start at £23.50 if purchased in advance (prices can rise to as much as £170 if not purchased in advance).

National Express operates a regular bus service between London Victoria and Liverpool One Bus Station. The cheapest ticket is £11.90 and takes 5 hours and 55 minutes. There is an overnight rail and bus service between London and Liverpool, so you may save money on lodging while still arriving at the port in time for the early Liverpool to Belfast ferry.

Getting To The Stena Line Port In Liverpool(Birkenhead)

The Stena Line Port In Liverpool

The Stena Line Port In Liverpool | Hitrendsetter

Both the ports in Liverpool (Birkenhead) and Belfast are challenging to reach by public transportation or on foot, so using taxis might save time and effort. A cab from central Liverpool will cost around £15 and take approximately 20 minutes. However, with a bit of perseverance, travelling to the Stena Lines port in Birkenhead may be accomplished with a combination of public transportation and a short (2km) walk. Stena Line’s terminal address is 12 Quays, Tower Road, Birkenhead, CH41 1FE.

As you approach the harbour, keep an eye out for the unusual Egerton Bridge! From Liverpool, there is one bus station. Walk half a kilometre/ten minutes to Sir Thomas Street and get off at stop SC. Take the 437 bus to West Kirby Station, then off at the first stop on Conway Street. Continue along Adelphi Street until you reach Canning Street. Take Canning Street to Tower Road. The Liverpool to Belfast ferry station is located off a mini-roundabout, directly across from a massive abandoned red-bricked structure and tower.

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Check-In Procedure for Liverpool to Belfast Ferry

At the time of writing (November 2021), there is no marine border between the mainland UK and Northern Ireland. However, this may change shortly owing to Brexit and the Northern Ireland Protocol. There are currently no passport or customs inspections. To board, travel to the Stena Line terminal (address above) and inform the workers at the check-in counter of your name. They will then print your ticket. Enter the waiting area through the main doors with your access and luggage. Then you’ll be summoned to board a bus for the short ride to the ferry.

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What Ferries Run From The UK Mainland To Belfast?

Many ferries run from Liverpool to Belfast. Some can be Stenaline, Netferry, DirectFerries, FerrySavers, FerryGoGo, aferry, Rome2rio and many more. Moreover, you can also check Belfast to Liverpool ferry, Liverpool south parkway, Stena line, Belfast to Liverpool, and Liverpool to Dublin ferry. However, Stena Line is one of the best ferries to board from Liverpool to Belfast. Let Us Know more about Stena Line and its Carriers:

About Stena Line

Stena Line has Swedish roots, but they are essentially a worldwide corporation. Across Europe, employed approximately 5,100 people of almost 40 different nationalities. They have a route-based organisation in six business zones, with our headquarters in Göteborg, Sweden. They provide seamless and comfortable boat service for all our clients while adhering to strict safety, dependability, and environmental standards. They ensure that people and commodities get where they need to go, allowing businesses to prosper and civilisations to grow. They bring family and friends together and make it possible to see new locations or return to old favourites.

About the Stena Line Liverpool Belfast Ferry

The Stena Line service from Liverpool to Belfast directly connects the English coast to Northern Ireland on the Stena Mersey and Stena Lagan. The voyage takes around 8 hours, and day and night sailings are available. The Stena Embla and Stena Edda are two ferries that run between Liverpool and Belfast. Both ships are entirely new (2020 and 2019) and can carry up to 1,000 people and 120 automobiles.

Stena Edda

Stena Edda offers a wide range of daily sailings on our route from Belfast to Liverpool. There are luxurious accommodations, a Barista Coffee House, a Met Bar and Grill, retail shops, and a free theatre on board. Our accessible toilet, with a Radar Key system, is located on floor seven. Upgrade your sailing experience by booking a seat in one of our lounges, including the Hygge Recline Lounge, Family Lounge with a children’s play area, or Stena Plus Lounge. When you reserve a comfy seat in the Stena Plus Lounge, they will provide complimentary refreshments, beverages, newspapers, and magazines. Thanks to complimentary Wi-Fi in the main passenger lounges, you can stay connected while sailing the Irish Sea.

Stena Embla

One of our five next-generation ferries is the Stena Embla. Comfortable cabins, a Barista Coffee House, a Met Bar and Grill, a Hygge Recline lounge, retail shops, a free movie, and a family room with a children’s play area are among the beautiful amenities. Reserve a seat in our luxurious Stena Plus Lounge, which has comfy chairs, free Wi-Fi, and complimentary refreshments, beverages, newspapers, and magazines. Onboard, complimentary Wi-Fi is in the significant passenger lounges, so you can stay connected while cruising.

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Stenaline is one of the best ferry services for the Liverpool to Belfast ferries offering comfortable cabins, fantastic restaurants and cafes, entertainment segments such as life performances, pet friendly facilities, car deck services, disabled access along with complimentary WiFi network services. Moreover, you can also check the official Hitrendsetter website to know more about the Liverpool to Belfast ferry.


How long is a ferry from Liverpool to Belfast?
Visit Liverpool and Belfast by ferry on the Stena Edda and Stena Embla and learn how we’re revolutionising ferry travel! You’ll be there in under eight hours with up to four daily direct sailings and a choice of day and night crossings between Northern Ireland and the heart of England. 
How far isf Liverpool from Belfast?
Belfast and Liverpool are 146 kilometres away. Without a car, how can I get from Belfast to Liverpool? The easiest way to go from Belfast to Liverpool without a car is to take the ferry, which takes 8 hours and costs between £23 and £75.
What is the shortest ferry crossing to Northern Ireland?
Cairnryan to Larne is the shortest ferry journey from Scotland to Northern Ireland. This journey takes about two hours. With six daily sailings, P&O Ferries runs this route. 
How long is the boat from Birkenhead to Belfast?
The Liverpool Birkenhead to Belfast ferry route is one of the most popular and oldest in the UK. With 12 weekly crossings supplied by one ferry operator, Stena Line, with sailing periods of around 8 hours.
Can you sleep on the Liverpool to Belfast ferry?
Whether you travel during the day or at night, our en suite accommodations provide a quiet area to rest and unwind; upgrade to our Deluxe Cabins for even more comfort. We’ll take care of the minor details onboard to guarantee a pleasant travel experience

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