How to Use VPN and how does it Work

How to Use VPN and how does it Work

VPNs: A Brief History

The VPN Consumer Usage, Adoption, and Shopping Study 2021 from say that 85% of internet users aged 18 and up know what a VPN is. That’s 13% more than in 2020

VPN Uses

According to research done by, 41% of Americans use a VPN for work or personal reasons

How do VPNs work?

VPNs aren’t just for businesses that want to keep their trade secrets safe or travelers who want to use airport WiFi

Hide what you do on the Internet

Your Internet service provider (ISP) and search engines keep track of what you look up online so they can show you more relevant ads, give you a better experience, and sell your data.

Many cybercriminals take advantage of weak public WiFi networks to put malware and tracking tools like keyloggers on people’s computers (which record everything you type, including passwords).

Stop bad software and tracking

Code Your Information

Any information you send over the Internet while you use VPN service is encrypted.