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Check Out the Best Men’s Shorts in 2023

by Maria

When the weather begins to warm up and your afternoon walks leave you with gleaming beads of sweat on your brow, it can only mean one thing: shorts season is just around the horizon.

It’s simple to remove layers if you’ve overcommitted; adding ones you haven’t brought is more complicated. “Don’t jump in too soon,” warns Phil Green, global senior operations manager for Farfetch, who recommends waiting until mid-May before pulling out the shorts.

However, regardless of the season, it is always early enough to take advantage of any change-of-season bargains and prepare for the next warmer months.

List of Best Men’s Shorts In 2023

You can have plenty of options for Men’s shorts. Hitrendsetter has curated a list of the best men’s shorts in 2023. The list of the best men’s shorts in 2023 is as follows:

1. Asket the Shorts

Asket the Shorts for men

Asket the Shorts for men | Hitrendsetter

Asket’s “The Shorts” are our top recommendation for men’s shorts because they are the right balance of style and comfort. As the product name implies, the brand recognized they had developed a classic. These near-perfect men’s shorts are appropriate for almost any occasion—except possibly a workout. THE shorts (remember, that’s their real name) come in slim and regular fits for men of all shapes and sizes, and the style is attractive and timeless.

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2. Itso Corduroy Shorts

Itso Corduroy Shorts for men

Itso Corduroy Shorts for men | Hitrendsetter

Do you ever wish you could go out for the day with a single pair of men’s shorts and not have to change whether you’re at the beach or the bar (insert best used-car salesman voice)?

Unlike the salesman on the lot, we’re not in the business of selling you a lemon. These cotton ‘baby corduroy’ shorts from Portugal’s ITSO are authentic. While the loose appearance is deliberate, the thin cord material allows you to go into any restaurant with ease. We like the drawstring waistline, but because it might look too casual in some situations, we recommend wearing a buttoned-up shirt untucked.

3. Tenjoy Men’s Running Shorts

Tenjoy Men's Running Shorts for men

Tenjoy Men’s Running Shorts for men | Hitrendsetter

Runners, rejoice: the ideal mens running shorts exist, and they qualify for Prime delivery. These short shorts come in over a dozen colors and are most suited for comfort and usefulness. The split-leg shape promotes mobility and flexibility, including a phone-sized zipper pocket.

Any serious male runner cringes at the term “chafe”—rightly so. Fortunately, these shorts have a compression lining that prevents chafing and bruising during even the most strenuous activities.

4. Levi’s 505 Regular Fit Short

Levi's 505 Regular Fit Short for men

Levi’s 505 Regular Fit Short for men

Jorts (jean-shorts) have a poor reputation, but we believe it is unjustified (as long as you know how to wear them). And who better to entrust your fashion decisions to than the denim industry’s leader—Levi? Jean shorts are an excellent choice for a casual summer excursion. Wear them with a tee or a short-sleeved button-down. Because of their neutral color, they may go with any shirt. However, only some sort will make a good fashion statement. As a result, we recommend avoiding mens denim shorts that sit too high above the knee or have a heavily damaged appearance.

5. UnderArmour Men’s Ua Tech Mesh Shorts

Under Armour Men's Ua Tech Mesh Shorts for men

Under Armour Men’s Ua Tech Mesh Shorts for men | Hitrendsetter

Any athletic gentleman should own a reliable pair of mesh shorts. With these UA Tech Mesh Shorts, Under Armour has produced our preferred alternative. These shorts are perfect for the court, field, or gym since they have enhanced breathability and movement.

These shorts are evocative of classic Under Armour apparel, with the incredible comfort that drew you to the brand in the first place. The elastic waistband keeps your drawers in place without creating any pain.

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6. Edwin Carpenter Shorts

Edwin Carpenter Shorts for men

Edwin Carpenter Shorts for men | Hitrendsetter

White shorts are a terrific summer wardrobe essential, and this pair adds a functional and stylish accent to an otherwise plain outfit. For an upscale summer look, pair them with a polo or short-sleeve button-top and stitched shoes or loafers, or tone them down with a t-shirt and sneakers. Edwin, a Japanese-inspired company, mastered these white carpenter shorts by emphasizing design, quality, and comfort in every crease. For enhanced usefulness and design, these slightly off-white shorts include Italian pockets in the front and a carpenter pocket on one side.

7. L’estrange the 12 Shorts

L’estrange the 12 Shorts for men

L’estrange the 12 Shorts for men | Hitrendsetter

A good pair of black shorts is one of our favorite summer essentials. It’s because people need to remember how many various uses and appealing cuts these shorts may have.

The black hue makes these men’s shorts simpler to dress up than standard shorts, making them ideal for a date or a night out. Pair it with a nicely pressed button-down, your favorite dress shoes, or even a clean sneaker for a memorable appearance. We adore L’Estrange because of its superb quality, flawless design, and exceptional customer service.

8. Polo Ralph Lauren Jersey Shorts

Polo Ralph Lauren Jersey Shorts for men

Polo Ralph Lauren Jersey Shorts for men | Hitrendsetter

If your lady gets her hands on these, you might need a second pair. Wear these to your heart’s delight when out and about. These short’s fabric is of breathable cotton-jersey fabric with fleece for comfort, which was previously only available in your fantasies. As with every Ralph Lauren purchase, you can be confident that you are getting a garment that will last.

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9. Luca Faloni Cotton Shorts

Luca Faloni Cotton Shorts for men

Luca Faloni Cotton Shorts for men | Hitrendsetter

With this beautiful pair of cotton shorts, Italian designer Luca Faloni has made our list again. These shorts represent a wise investment in comfort, durability, and breathability. Benefit from its triple-button clasp, fine cotton material, and tidy pockets. The shorts also have a slender straight-leg shape for a stylish yet casual everyday look. Choose from various fashionable hues and combine them with a polo or button-down for any summer event.

10. Dickie’s Relaxed-Fit Cargo Shorts

Dickie's Relaxed-Fit Cargo Shorts for men

Dickie’s Relaxed-Fit Cargo Shorts for men | Hitrendsetter

Dickie’s Relaxed Fit Cargo Shorts are our top option for long men’s shorts, and their 5,000+ 5-star ratings speak to their quality. Dickie’s developed these shorts with style and usefulness in mind; these shorts include multi-use cargo pockets and a distinctive loose-fitting and sleek design. They also have a wrinkle-resistant fabric and a permanent leg crease for a traditional look.


These are the best men’s shorts. Moreover, you can check the official Hitrendsetter website for such content.


Which is the best brand for men shorts?
Levi’s men’s shorts cotton is the best brand for men’s shorts and is liked the most by all men.
What men's shorts are in style 2023?
Baggy, loose-fitting shorts are sure to be popular in line with the comfort-seeking trends we saw in 2021; leathershorts, short shorts, animal print shorts, and retro shorts will also command serious attention in 2023.
What shorts are best for hot weather?
First, stick with natural fibers (like linen, light cotton, and chambray)—they’re lightweight and let your body breathe. Second, grab some performance-enhancing bottoms with quick-drying and moisture-wicking technology to shed unwanted sweat. Opt for lighter tones—they reflect light and heat.
Who makes the best summer shorts for men?
Edwin, a Japanese-inspired company, mastered these white carpenter shorts. White shorts are a terrific summer wardrobe essential, and this pair adds a functional and stylish accent to an otherwise plain outfit.

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