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Beard growth Tips for Men

by Maria

It can be similar to watching grass grow to be patient, waiting for a beard to form. You could find this frustrating if you wish to develop a full beard. Male facial hair begins to develop throughout adolescence. Years before the remainder of their beard grows, many guys will already have the start of a mustache and a few chin hairs. The hormone testosterone is responsible for the growth of facial hair, and its levels might change. Everything, including your beard, is influenced by your general health. Genetics cannot be changed, but there are lifestyle choices that may improve your health and the development of a thicker beard.

Beard growth tips

1. Exercise

Exercise for beard growth

Exercise for beard growth | Hitrendsetter

Exercising improves blood flow and stimulates the growth of hair follicles, causing better beard growth. Strength training and weightlifting exercises can also momentarily increase testosterone. Try changing up your workouts and the times of day you practice them. Young men’s testosterone levels change throughout the day, peaking in the morning and falling off in the afternoon.

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2. Diet

Diet for beard growth

Diet for beard growth | Hitrendsetter

Since obesity might suppress testosterone, it’s critical to maintain a body mass index within the usual range. A healthy, balanced diet that provides adequate nutrients may be good for your body and your beard. Testosterone levels may also benefit from other minerals, such as zinc. A nutritious diet won’t change your DNA, but it might encourage the growth of beautiful, healthy hair already on your head. Include lean protein, iron, whole grains, and other healthy carbohydrates in your diet. Also, consume foods high in zinc, healthy fats (such as avocados), and fruits and vegetables, such as those high in vitamins A, B, C, D, and E. These vitamins may improve your beard growth.

3. Beard Growth Vitamins And Supplements

Beard Growth Vitamins And Supplements

Beard Growth Vitamins And Supplements | Hitrendsetter

There are numerous substances designed expressly to promote beard growth. Similar to food, no magic treatment can combat inherited traits. It may be equally as good to take a supplement or multivitamin containing iron and zinc if you cannot obtain all the minerals you require through diet.

4. Sleep

Sleep for beard growth

Sleep for beard growth | Hitrendsetter

The best possible general health requires adequate sleep. Additionally, it may help with beard growth and development. The condition of your sleep is when your body releases the majority of the testosterone it contains. The lack of sleep, sleep apnea, and disturbed sleep can all harm this process. According to a small study, sleep deprivation reduced testosterone levels in healthy young men. According to another study, testosterone levels reach their highest around the beginning of the first REM sleep cycle and stay there until you wake up.

5. Be Patient

Be Patient for beard growth

Be Patient for beard growth | Hitrendsetter

Avoid the need to trim or style your hair during the first 4-6 weeks after you start growing. It will make it possible for all the hairs to grow at the same rate and help you pick a style that accentuates the length and thickness of your hair. Although everyone’s beard growth occurs at a different rate, adopting a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise can speed up the process slightly.

6. Choose the Right Beard Care Tools

Choose the Right Beard Care Tools

Choose the Right Beard Care Tools | Hitrendsetter

The proper tools are necessary to maintain enough beard growth, like your skin and hair. A skin washes appropriate for your skin type, an exfoliating scrub, a clean, dry towel, moisturizers with and without SPF, beard conditioner, beard combs, and brushes are all necessary.

7. Wash Your Beard

Wash Your Beard

Wash Your Beard | Hitrendsetter

Your skin and beard are the perfect candidates for a mild cleanser. It’s crucial to wash your face and beard daily to eliminate pollution, oil, dirt, and dead skin cells. The finest method for washing and shampooing your beard is with lukewarm water. Massage your washing product into your skin and beard after using it. A few minutes should pass after applying a medicated product to your skin before rinsing. Be careful to thoroughly rinse your beard and remove any shampoo residue for adequate beard growth.

8. Treat Beard Dandruff

Treat Beard Dandruff

Treat Beard Dandruff | Hitrendsetter

You might be able to eliminate beard dandruff if you have it. Seborrheic dermatitis is frequently the source of dandruff on the beard. You could think that beard dandruff results from poor cleanliness, but this is untrue. Your beard covers your skin and collects bacteria and fungi. For instance, Malassezia, a type of yeast, could periodically overgrow. Your body’s fight against the yeast causes your skin to become itchy, dry, and scaly. If you have this condition, choose the proper shampoo to treat the symptoms. Products containing at least 1% of ketoconazole’s active ingredient may help with beard dandruff issues.

Yeast and fungus are protected from and eradicated by the antifungal medicine ketoconazole. Some medications can be available over the counter at your local drugstore. At other times, you may require a doctor’s prescription. You could also find more active components if you looked for selenium sulfide or pyrithione zinc. On your skin, one active material might perform better than another. If the first product does not work, try a different one or consult your doctor.

9. Use the Best Beard Growth and Care Products

Use the Best Beard Growth and Care Products

Use the Best Beard Growth and Care Products | Hitrendsetter

Choose the beard cleanser most appropriate for your skin type to start your beard care regimen with the right items. A face cleanser with salicylic acid or glycolic acid as an active component is ideal for oily or acne-prone skin. Even if you have regular skin, be sure the product is not allergic so that it does not clog your pores. People with specific skin problems should choose products with active components that cure or prevent acne. A scent-free moisturizing cleanser is a good choice if you have dry and sensitive skin. Look for labels that say “soap-free” and “fragrance-free” to avoid skin irritation. You can choose a good men’s beard grooming kit or a beard growth kit.

10. Moisturize Your Beard

Moisturize Your Beard

Moisturize Your Beard | Hitrendsetter

While a beard oil works well on dry or normal skin, a beard conditioner may work best on skin prone to breakouts. If your skin is delicate, choose a non-comedogenic, fragrance-free moisturizer. For the best results, apply your moisturizer right away after washing your beard and gently patting your face dry with a towel. While your skin and beard are still damp, apply moisturizer. Use the product sparingly to prevent build-up or the appearance of greasiness.


Genetics has a crucial role in determining your beard growth rate and its other attributes like fullness, color, shape, etc. The other two major factors that contribute to its look and growth are DHT and testosterone. The thumb rule to have a healthy beard is to exercise regularly and have a diet full of nutrients. One should maintain good hygiene and get proper sleep, contributing to a good beard. For More information visit the official website of HitrendSetter.


What stimulates beard growth?
Beards need a balanced diet and supplements to encourage healthy and rapid hair development. Regular consumption of the dietary supplement biotin will accelerate the growth rate of hair and nails. Including protein and vitamin B in your diet may speed up beard growth./su_spoiler]
Why Can't Some guys grow beards?
Poor beard growth may occasionally result from insufficient testosterone. Nearly all men with severely low testosterone levels lack facial hair. Your testosterone levels generally aren't affecting the growth of your facial hair unless they are clinically low.
How can I thicken my beard?
You can get a thicker beard by exercising, eating a healthy diet, using a good brand of beard care products, regularly washing and moisturizing your beard, taking beard growth supplements, and getting enough sleep.

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