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Explore The World With The Leading Marketplace In Travel Industry

by Maria

Is it your dream to travel the world? Then you are in the right place! Among a multitude of options, finding the right and trusted travel industry can become a tedious process. From destinations to bookings to planning the right itinerary, the range of choices is diverse, and it only sucks the fun out of planning a trip. 

Viator, a leading marketplace in the travel industry works towards providing travelers memorable and excitement-filled travel experiences. Its services include tour plans, trips, famous sights to explore, and more! So gear up for your next trip and let Viator be your ultimate navigator.

Viator’s Services

Viator’s Services

Viator’s Services

As a trusted platform in the travel industry, Viator provides a variety of services. They include different categories for travelers and opportunities for tour operators and travel agents. 

1. Tours 

Viator’s expansive range of tours is impressive and detail-oriented. Some of the tours this section consists of are-

Culinary tours, sightseeing tours, landmark tours, night tours, helicopter tours, bus tours, adventure tours, city tours, walking tours, hiking tours, and historical tours!

2. Transportation Services

All your transportation related worries can vanish because Viator’s extensive list of transportation services is not only satisfactory but will also ensure a smooth trip for you. Airport and hotel transfers, private drivers, bus services, rentals, shopping tours, choose whichever one caters the most to you. 

3. Landmark tickets

Visit your favorite world famous landmarks. Including the historical symbols Statue of Liberty and Eiffel Towers. Go through the landmarks section and find out how to visit these landmarks, trip ideas and get any such confusions resolved! 

4. Special Travel Categories

Now, traveling specifically is easier than ever. Save your time and only spend on those activities that intrigue you the most. The special categories on Viator are- Art and Culture, Classes and Workshops, Culinary, Sightseeing and Cruises, Seasonal occasions, and outdoor activities. Curate your itinerary as per your preferences and enjoy your vacation.

5. Travel Agents and Tour Operators

Viator gives plenty of opportunities to travel agents and tour operators to enter the travel industry market and expand their business. Travel agents get monthly payments and added benefits while tour operators receive special insights and coaching to help them stand out and create memorable tours.

Trending Destinations on Viator

Have a look at some of the most sought out destinations on Viator you can consider for your next vacation- 

1. Rome



Rome, the exquisite capital of Italy is a destination where you will never run out of places to visit, that’s for sure. An assortment of renowned historical monuments, this place is a blend of captivating history and stunning sights. Take a tour by the popular lakes of Rome including Lake Bolsena and Lake Bracciano. Or get immersed in the fascinating museum and street food tours.

2. Paris

Get enchanted by the charms of this beautiful destination. Filled with an ensemble of culture, architecture and idyllic sights, Paris is one place you surely shouldn’t miss out on. If you are an art and culture fanatic then enjoy a dinner with live music on a cruise, while you luxuriate in the sights of landmarks like the Eiffel Tower. Or if you prefer Or if you prefer being with nature then join in on the nature and wildlife tours!

3. London

With a plethora of palaces and historical significant sights, London’s lively culture and atmosphere will keep you addicted. With museums, castles and impressive gastronomy, this place surely has a lot to offer. Viator’s collection of tours is adventure filled and includes some of the top attractions that you cannot miss.

4. New York City

The exciting culture of New York City is enough to get anyone attracted. Visit popular views like the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty. Take a cruise or helicopter tour to make the visit even more interesting. If you want the best view of the city then don’t forget the Edge Observation Deck! Tickets are available on Viator.

5. Las Vegas

Las Vegas

Las Vegas

Are you big into the party culture? Then you will surely get hooked on the glitter and glam Las Vegas has to offer. This place is a versatile composition of activities and caters to different kinds of crowd. If you like the quiet then spend some time by the Hoover Dam or the Grand Canyon. If you are an enthusiastic extrovert then consider Viator’s night bus tours or kayak tours. 


With a variety of platforms on the market, finding the right travel industry and, hence, building the perfect itinerary can be complicated. That is why Viator is your savior. Planning a convenient and hassle free trip is viable. Moreover, Viator provides a diverse range of tours covering all kinds of interests, catering to the needs of different types of travelers. So, hurry up and choose your favorite tours! For more information, visit hitrendsetter


What is the difference between the travel industry and the tourism industry?
Travel industry and tourism industry, although quite interrelated, have different meanings. The tourism industry is centered around recreation and leisure based travel. Especially for new tourists who want to tour a particular place. While a travel industry can consist of travel for various purposes besides recreation. For example, people travel for many reasons like emergencies, business meetings, etc.
What are some trusted travel platforms?
Some trusted travel based platforms you can select for your next vacation are- Rumbo, Viator, Travelperk and TripIt. You can choose the travel industry that is most suitable for you and caters the most to your preference.
Is a career in the travel industry good?
If you are a history enthusiast or explorer then a career in the travel industry may be a good option for you! An old adventurous soul appreciates all sorts of opportunities to explore. If you do not prefer to be ‘on-field’ then you can also consider working an office related job which is also an ideal option! Some examples are- Accountant, Event Manager, Writer.

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