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Five Exquisite Tours In Paris To Inspire Your Next Journey

by Maria

The magnificent sights of Paris are in the bucket list of many people. The captivating and diverse culture of this city is strong enough to attract one like a magnet. A top travel destination, tours in Paris have secured its position as a sought out destination for most travelers. Viator, a leading marketplace in the travel industry is exactly what you need to get closer to your travel dreams. With Viator, you can find a variety of tours in your favorite place as per your preferences. A nature enthusiast? Check out a cruise tour. A history fanatic? Get a museum ticket!

Why choose Viator?

Viator is a convenient place for your itinerary planning. The platform has made bookings and travel a smooth experience for all. The huge collection of tours and options make this platform an absolute go-to. Viator is dedicated towards providing customers with the best and memorable travel experiences. Seek inspiration for your next vacation and make the most out of Viator’s tours. 

5 recommendations for tours in Paris 

Are you confused about which tour to select on your trip to Paris? You don’t need to worry anymore! Whether it’s a photography tour or a street art tour, you surely won’t run out of options. Keep reading to find out about some of the best tours in Paris on Viator that will help you embark on an excitement filled journey. 

1. Seine River Dinner Cruise by Bateaux Mouches

What’s better than a 4-course dinner on a cruise accompanied by some romantic live music? This is enough to awaken one’s hopeless romantic side. At the same time, treat your eyes with the exceptional sights of the Eiffel Tower, Louvre and Notre Dame. 

A perfect tour to just relax and spend some time with your loved one. All you need to do is dress your best and be on time! Everything else will be taken care of. Get ravished by the chef’s special French style menu and luxuriate in the breathtaking view outside the cruise. 

2. Paris Walking Food Tour

Paris Walking Food Tour

Paris Walking Food Tour | Hitrendsetter

Foodies assemble please! This group food tasting tour (Maximum limit 12) is certainly a mouthwatering addition. Get an insight into Paris’s gastronomy culture and have some exciting delicacies. You can decide the neighborhood of your choice from the two options- Montmartre or Notre Dame. 

The food tour includes wine tasting, chocolates, pastries, cheese and more! This six stop tour is ideal for those travelers who are culture enthusiasts and prefer being away from big crowds! 

3. Versailles Palace & Garden Tour

Get enchanted by the stunning palace of Versailles. With a significant historical background, this venue will keep you intrigued. With Viator’s Versailles Palace tour, you won’t need to stand in long lines and wait for your turn! Moreover, you can leisure around the palace’s gardens and enjoy the view. 

4. Paris Eiffel Tower Guided Tour

Paris Eiffel Tower Guided Tour

Paris Eiffel Tower Guided Tour | Hitrendsetter

How can one go to Paris and not see this legendary monument? The Eiffel Tower is one of the most popular attractions for tourists who visit Paris. If you like to challenge yourself then join in on this tour and climb up the 704 stairs to relish the majestic view of the city from the top. 

Do you enjoy leg day? Making time for your regular workouts during vacations can be hard. So why not make the most out of it from this tour? 

5. Normandy D-Day Small-Group Day Trip

History nerds, stand up because this one will definitely keep you on your toes! The Normandy D-Day Tour gives an insight into World War II. Have a look at German bunkers, Operation Overlord Museum, American Cemetery and more! 

You will certainly remain engrossed in the collection of assortments dated back to the Battle of Normandy. Listen to the stories from the past by expert guides and ask questions if you want.  

These are just some suggestions for tours in Paris, for more options please visit Viator’s website.


The bustling city of Paris is filled with a wide range of architecture, stunning sights, museums, and more iconic places. One of the top attractions in the world, Paris lives in the heart of many travelers and the dynamic culture of this city is evergrowing. With Viator, your travel dreams won’t need to stay on the checklist for long. Viator provides an extensive selection of tours in Paris covering significant sights and leaving no stone unturned. For more information, visit hitrendsetter.


Are tours in Paris expensive?
Tours in Paris aren’t necessarily expensive. It depends on various factors like type of tour, the tour operator and tour composition. For example, luxurious cruise tours will not be an affordable option for everyone. There are many less expensive tours in Paris that are a good option for budget conscious travelers.  If you want cheaper options you can check for trusted and budget-friendly travel agencies operating in the area you seek to visit. 
How many days should I stay in Paris?
The duration of your trip depends on several variables. If you wish to see only the top attractions, then a 5-7 days trip is sufficient for you. On the other hand, if you are someone who wants to delve deeper into the city’s culture and get familiar with its history, architecture and natural sights then you should opt for a longer stay.
Which tours in Paris are good for nature admirers?
If you are a nature lover then you are in luck! Because Paris has a diverse range of natural sights. Some types of tours in Paris you should consider are- Seine River cruise tours, guided bike tours, palace and garden tours. Besides these, Viator has a long list of nature based  tours that you can select accordingly. 

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