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Ten Genius Study Hacks to Save your Time

by Maria

It’s time to get serious about studying for those forthcoming examinations. You sit down, open your textbook to chapter one, and begin reading from beginning to end. Does this describe you? Instead, forget what you think you know and focus on exam study hacks. Studying can be aggravating and challenging at times. HitrendSetter has developed some unique study hacks for exams that can help you save time. These pointers and tricks will assist you in improving your study habits for your next exam.

List of the 10 Best Study Hacks

There are various study hacks that you can apply while studying to boost your performance and save time. However, HitrendSetter has curated the ten best study hacks for you. The list of the best study hacks is as follows:

1. Study Before Going to Sleep

Study Before Going to Sleep

Study Before Going to Sleep | Hitrendsetter

According to research, studying before bed helps you retain the most knowledge. Cramming everything and staying up late, on the other hand, is a bad idea. Study reasonably, so you don’t sleep for two hours, making studying before sleeping one of the best study hacks.

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2. Find the Right Place

Find the Right Place

Find the Right Place | Hitrendsetter

Because where you study is so crucial, finding a place without distractions at home is essential. You cannot study while watching your favorite Netflix show or sitting with your family. Choose a clean and tidy area since crowded spaces frequently lead to cluttered thoughts, which increases tension and worry.

3. Short Periods of Study

Short Periods of Study

Short Periods of Study | Hitrendsetter

Because we all have a limit before our attention wanders, Study in shorter, more frequent bursts. It is one of the study hacks known as the Pomodoro timer that may be useful. Choose a single task to study in that one session. Accounting management, for example, lesson 4, the balance sheet. Then set a timer for a definite time and try to concentrate as hard as possible without any distractions. Stop and take a rest as soon as the timer goes off. And remember to take a rest. Your brain will be grateful.

4. Group Studying

Studying in groups is far more efficient since you hear everyone’s responses. You may all share something you have that others may not have if they learn alone. It also makes learning a lot more enjoyable. Studying alone may be tedious and exhausting. A group can help you stay focused on the work at hand. Don’t do it if they are close pals with whom you know you can’t concentrate.

5. Treat Yourself

Treat Yourself

Treat Yourself | Hitrendsetter

sume a piece of candy after each page read. Have a reward if you test yourself with a short quiz and do well

Although it may appear strange, human brains function better under a rewarding system. In the same way that you labor to earn money.

6. Play some Songs

Music has a profound effect on the brain. It decreases blood flow to the brain’s fear center and raises dopamine, helping you to de-stress, so put together a decent playlist and relax. However, if you want to study in perfect silence, that is also all right.

7.Make Concept Maps or Mind Maps

Make Concept Maps or Mind Maps while studying

Make Concept Maps or Mind Maps while studying | Hitrendsetter

You scribbled feverishly throughout lectures, writing down everything, and now you have the most beautiful pages of notes. But do you remember everything on the page? Most likely not. Make a concept map out of the information. Make a large circle in the center of the page with the primary theme, and then divide it into the many topics, headers, or divisions. Then, under each, put the small information.

8. Beat Procrastination

You are not alone in putting off work under an unspecified future time when you will be more motivated. This extraordinary epoch does not exist. So, set a timer for five minutes. We can all commit to five minutes. You’ll typically feel driven enough to keep going when you get started.

9. Study during your most Productive Periods of the Day

When are you at your most alert? If you wake up with a spring in your step, You could discover that you can have a great study session in half the time it takes at night. Avoid certain moments of the day when you know your mind wanders. Most people’s productivity drops mid-afternoon, so this is not the best time to sit down and study. And don’t keep going if you’re exhausted. You’d better get some rest and then try the next day again.

10. Test yourself Periodically

Test yourself Periodically while studying

Test yourself Periodically while studying | Hitrendsetter

You’re tearing through your notes or chapter pages at breakneck speed. But then you realize you’ve forgotten all you’ve just read. A better technique is to test oneself after each subject, chapter, or critical point. Please don’t put it off until the last minute.


Use these study hacks and tips to help you get through those long study sessions. Hopefully, you’ve learned something new and can put these recommendations to use in your life. Good luck with your exams! Moreover, you can check out the official HitrendSetter website for more such articles.


What are the best study hacks?

The five best study hacks that can help you succeed are as follows:

Find a quiet place to study.
Short periods of Study.
Play some music.
Explain the topic to someone.
Inquire deeply about your subject.

What are the best 5 study tricks?

Although there are multiple study tricks, the five best study tricks are:

Choose a convenient study location.
To begin, select a peaceful, well-lit spot where you may study whenever you need to.
Avoid Cramming Stress by Using a Spaced Study Session Method.
Learn, Relearn, and Repeat.
Simple Self-Testing Practice.

What are the 3 secret study tips?

The three secret study hacks and tips are as follows:

Understand what your instructors require. Before you begin studying a topic, list your lecturer’s learning objectives.
Make a study schedule. Many people squander time looking because they don’t have a strategy.
Use excellent study methods.

How can I study well in 2 hours?
Teaching someone else, learning quickly, and taking handwritten notes are some of the study hacks that can help you study well in 2 hours.


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