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How To Participate In Mahzooz Draw & Become A Millionaire?

by Maria

Mahzooz conducts a weekly live draw to determine the winning numbers and offers rewards. While it provides participants with potentially life-changing opportunities, it also emphasizes giving back to the needy in the region’s communities. To put it another way, Mahzooz has launched a one-of-a-kind limited-time offer that will treble your chances of becoming a millionaire to welcome more millionaires into the fold. Mahzooz, the UAE’s most popular weekly lottery, has produced 28 millionaires in only two years. Following a simple protocol, you may also participate in the Mahzooz Draw.

What is Mahzooz Draw?

What is Mahzooz Draw?

What is Mahzooz Draw? | Hitrendsetter

On November 28, 2020, the Mahzooz Draw, formerly known as the Emirates Lottery, began in Spain. In Arabic, the term Mahzooz means “fortunate.” It can leave you off your feet. This Mahzooz draw offers a starting prize of AED 10,000,000 for the Mahzooz Winner and three guaranteed Mahzooz draw winners receiving AED 100,000 each.

Emirates Lotto was the UAE’s first lottery, beginning in April 2020 with an AED 35,000,000 big prize. The Mahzooz draw eventually increased this amount to AED 50,000,000 before lowering it to AED 10,000,000, with the Mahzooz raffle draw offering AED 100,000 to three players monthly.



Become a Millionaire

Become a Millionaire

Become a Millionaire | Hitrendsetter

Participants who buy one Mahzooz water bottle for AED 35 will immediately earn an extra entry into the weekly draw. It doubles their chances of winning the AED 10 million first prize, AED 1 million second prize, AED 350 third prize, and AED 300,000 raffle draw reward. All they have to do is buy one bottle of water for AED 35 and choose two sets of five numbers, increasing their chances of matching the five winning numbers. Users must first register on the official Mahzooz website to join the draw and purchase a bottle of water for 35 AED. Each bottle now entitles customers to two grand prizes and weekly raffle entries.

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions of Mahzooz

Terms & Conditions of Mahzooz | Hitrendsetter

The mahzooz lottery ticket price stands at AED 35 per line or entry, with participants allowed to purchase as many Mahzooz Tickets as they choose. Anyone over 18 years is eligible for the Mahzooz draw. You can buy credits on the newly enhanced Mahzooz 2022 web platform to enter the Mahzooz draw. Every Saturday at 9:00 p.m. UAE Standard Time, the Mahzooz draw is live on their website and other platforms. The winning number gets determined by a mechanical device that randomly shuffles and mixes the ball sets. Mahzooz streams the whole number drawing process live on their website.

Discount on Water PurchasesWith the Mahzoozraffle, you can get an extra discount on any water bottles you buy on the website or app. The Mahzooz 2022 offer is available for purchase and requires no minimum spend. Purchase water bottles and enter the Mahzooz raffle draw to be eligible for extraordinary rewards in the Mahzooz 2022 lottery. The exclusive Mahzooz ticket purchase deal 2022 is available to all UAE users of a Mahzooz 2022 website or app inside Mahzooz 2022 special offers on Almowafir, which apply to all water bottles on the platform.

About Mahzooz and its Social Activities

About Mahzooz and its Social Activities

About Mahzooz and its Social Activities | Hitrendsetter

Mahzooz, “lucky” in Arabic, has given out over AED 280,000,000 in prize money and is the highest weekly draw in the area. It has improved people’s lives with its numerous prizes and extensive CSR program, which has benefited over 8,000 people to date. Every water bottle purchased to enter the competition is given to people in need through Mahzooz’s community partners.

Mahzooz is a weekly live draw in which players have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to win millions of dirhams. Mahzooz aims to help people achieve their goals and give back to the community. On the other hand, EWINGS LLC is the Managing Operator of Mahzooz. Its offerings include tailored strategy, technological infrastructure, operations, and management. Furthermore, the corporation places a strong emphasis on the entertainment industry. To participate in the Mahzooz draw, you also can buy tickets and check the details on the official Mahzooz application.


Because of the one-of-a-kind character of Mahzooz’s draw, you can be confident that whether you win or lose, your money will assist people in need after purchasing a Mahzooz Ticket and mahzooz lottery ticket price is also affordable. Even if your money account does not expand, you may be confident that you have done something worthwhile. You may find more similar lucky draws on the Hitrendsetter official website.


What are the purchase limits for the Mahzooz draw tickets?
You can purchase tickets for the Mahzooz draw for up to AED 10,500. Apart from directly purchasing the tickets, you can also buy goods worth AED 10,500 per transaction to enter the Mahzooz draw.
When will the draw take place? What is the deadline for entering this week's Mahzooz draw?
Every Saturday at 8:30 p.m., entries for the current week’s draw close (Gulf Standard Time). The Raffle Draw and Grand Draw will take place during the Mahzooz live program, which is live every Saturday at roughly 9:00 p.m. (Gulf Standard Time) on the official Mahzooz website and other channels like YouTube and Facebook sites.
Can I enter the Mahzooz draw if I live outside the UAE?
Until and unless you meet the eligibility criteria, you can enter the Mahzooz draw from anywhere in the world.
When and how will I receive my prize if I win the Mahzooz draw?
Following validation in line with our validation standards, your reward, whether from the Grand Draw or the Raffle Draw, will be credited and shown in your “Winnings Balance.” When your reward shows in your “Winnings Balance,” you can request that it be withdrawn or transferred to your “Credit Balance.” However, you must do so during withdrawal, which expires on the 60th day following the relevant draw at 23.59 hours (Gulf Standard Time).
Can I exchange my credit for cash?
Credit cannot be returned or changed into cash once purchased or transferred from your “Winnings Balance.” You cannot request a transfer or refund just because you have changed your mind.


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