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10 Best Career Options for Men to get High Paying Job

by Maria

Personal motives are at the top of the list of objectives for men when choosing a vocation. However, it’s better to consider economic gains also. We don’t want to invest all our time and energy into obtaining a degree or other professional certification to land a job that pays just enough to pay the bills but also supports our family’s requirements.


Top 10 Career Options for Men to do in Future

1. Aircraft Controllers

Aircraft Controllers

Aircraft Controllers | Hitrendsetter

Today, almost everyone uses an airplane as a means of transportation. The responsibility for people and their safety is on the shoulders of aircraft controllers. To handle this job, an individual must take over professional and mental preparation and excellent leadership skills. The salary is also dependent on this huge responsibility. As an aircraft controller, you may earn around £1,960 per week, making this job the highest paid in the UK. A specific degree is typically not required for this position. Still, numerous exams, tests, and training sessions exist to pass to qualify as an airplane controller.

2. Chief Executive and Senior Officials

.Aircraft Pilots and Flight Engineers   

. Aircraft Pilots and Flight Engineers | Hitrendsetter

Chief executives are the individuals who take charge of arranging and managing a firm’s financial activities. By making crucial choices about short- and long-term financial planning techniques, they are accountable for ensuring that the business is accomplishing its financial goals. It is also their responsibility to select senior managers and the heads of particular departments within the organization and supervise their work. A degree in a business-related field followed by at least three years of experience are often prerequisites for chief executive positions. Employers look for people with leadership and interpersonal abilities and educational credentials. If you have chosen to pursue this career, you have made a good decision because chief executives are among the top paid workers in the UK and are one of the best careers for men.

3. Aircraft Pilots and Flight Engineers

 Aircraft Pilots and Flight Engineers   

Aircraft Pilots and Flight Engineers | Hitrendsetter

The UK has one of the most developed aeronautical systems concerning extensive airline networks and modern infrastructure. Hence, many engineers are in-demand for the routine checking of airplanes and their maintenance. Although working in this field might be challenging as you are in charge of many people’s lives. You must adhere to rigorous schedules daily. It is worth considering as a career, regarding the financial benefits. Aircraft Pilots must have a specific education for pilots and a minimum amount of flight hours to obtain a license. In contrast, Flight Engineers must have a Bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical Engineering and appropriate experience to be employed.


4. Marketing and Sales Directors

Marketing and Sales Directors

Marketing and Sales Directors | Hitrendsetter

Marketing strategies are crucial for the growth of a business and its reputation retention. Therefore, there is a great need for professionals with the expertise to plan marketing campaigns, manage sales teams, and design marketing strategies. Due to their significant demand inside an organization, marketing, and sales directors rank among the best-paid positions in the UK. The standard educational requirement for this position is a bachelor’s degree in a business-related field. However, other degrees are permissible if you have a specific amount of relevant experience.

5. Legal Professionals

Legal Professionals

Legal Professionals | Hitrendsetter

With a legal degree, men can work in various fields and find countless job options. Along with a wide range of employment options, this degree will also assist you in finding a profession that will be gratifying. You can most likely require a bachelor’s degree in law to enter this field of employment. Moreover, you will undoubtedly find a better career options and make more money if you earn a higher degree in law.

6. Information Technology and Telecommunication Directors

Information Technology and Telecommunication Directors

Information Technology and Telecommunication Directors | Hitrendsetter


A few years back, people believed that a career in this field was not much paid and not in demand. However, in today’s scenario, almost every professional in this career has high employability and an attractive salary. Every organization utilizes desktops, resulting in high rates of employment. The responsibilities of Information Technology and Telecommunication Directors include establishing and retaining the computer system in a firm with regular assistance to employees whenever required. Having a degree in computer science or a related topic might not always be necessary. However, it might offer you an advantage over other applicants in some circumstances. Even though they lack formal education, many guys are proficient with computers and win the job.

7. Brokers


Brokers | Hitrendsetter

When two firms or individuals are engaged in a trading relationship, the broker acts sa middleman who is paid a commission for offering services. Brokers are among the highest-paying professions. A bachelor’s degree in a business-related field is required to begin a career options as a stock market broker, but a higher degree is always better.

8. Financial Managers and Directors

Financial Managers and Directors

Financial Managers and Directors | Hitrendsetter

Directors and Financial Managers are in charge of monitoring the business’ finances. They regularly analyze the company’s finances as part of their employment and give professional advice to senior managers on how to increase profitability. Therefore, a career options are worthwhile to pursue. To fill roles of this type, employers often seek people with relevant experience and a degree in a management-related subject.

9. Medical Practitioners

Medical Practitioners

Medical Practitioners | Hitrendsetter

The United Kingdom takes pride in having one of the greatest healthcare systems in the world. Strong relationships between universities and hospitals ensure that graduates of medical schools have good employment rates after graduation. Medical practitioners are among the highest-paid workers in the UK, despite having a challenging line of work. Since this industry offers a wide variety of roles, the pay scale is also broad.

You won’t be able to work in medicine if you don’t have a good education. Typically, you need relevant experience in addition to a bachelor’s degree in medicine that took at least five years to complete.

10. Advertising and Public Relations Directors

Advertising and Public Relations Directors

Advertising and Public Relations Directors | Hitrendsetter

The presentation method of a company in the market plays a significant role in achieving its business goals. Thus, Advertising and Public Relations agents have to target the company’s audience and use various advertising techniques to project the company’s positive image. The top ten highest paying positions in the UK include advertising and public relations. You might anticipate making roughly £1,160 per week if you set your career options as an advertising and public relations agent in the UK. To acquire well-paying work in advertising and public relations, you may need a bachelor’s degree in marketing, communications, or advertising.


Men have many career options in the UK, and earnings are high enough to support you and your family. But if you’re wondering which one would be profitable for you, the best-paid jobs in the UK are covered in this article. You can go for the one with which you can relate your interest and passion. For more information, visit the official website of hitrendsetter.


What is the most common job for a man?
Jobs in the IT and financial sectors are most common among men. IT sector career requires computer science-related degrees. While the finance sector demands a management-related degree
What jobs can only be done by men?
Although both men and women are capable of all jobs, electricians, computer network architects, and mechanical engineers are some male-dominated careers.
What is the most attractive job for a man?
Legal professionals, Chief executives, IT professionals, Project managers, and aircraft controllers are some of the most attractive jobs for men due to their high pay scale.



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