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Take Your Path Of Wellness With Red Yeast Rice 

by Maria

Coming from a Chinese tradition all over the world. benefits of red yeast rice has become the most used supplement. It is known for its medicinal properties and is enriched with the qualities to lower blood cholesterol. From Asia, this natural treasure has gone all the way to Western countries where it is used and praised by the consumers. Now, with iHerb you will be able to have benefits of red yeast rice in your daily routine as they have a huge range of these supplements. In this blog, you will know about the benefits of red yeast rice and how it can be beneficial for you and your family’s health. 

1. Delve into the history, of sources and benefits of red yeast rice

Before proceeding directly to the benefits, we will know about the history of red yeast supplements and how they were produced. 

1. History of benefits of red yeast rice-

Benefits of red yeast rice also known as ‘Koji’ in Japanese was produced in China in 300 BCE with the help of Monascus purpureus yeast. It is a traditional food of Asian people and has many medicinal properties. It’s been years now since they have had this as their staple food. It is believed and known for its potential health benefits like managing blood sugar levels and cholesterol control. Due to these features, it has always been attractive to the people in the West. 

2. Benefits of Red Yeast Rice Supplements

There are a lot of benefits that this single ingredient possesses. Let’s know about some that can be valuable and healthful for your body-

1. Cholesterol Control-

The most known and recognized benefit of red yeast is managing and controlling cholesterol. Due to the monascus yeast, it has naturally occurring compounds known as monacolins that help in lowering LDL cholesterol and developing cardiovascular health. 

2. Good heart health-

Red yeast supplements have their own benefits in maintaining heart health. It has antioxidant properties that can help in reducing oxidative stress hormones, inflammation, and triglycerides, which is a type of blood fat that can increase the risk of heart disease. 

3. Good for Diabetic patients-

For people who are prone to sugar and have diabetes, they can add red yeas to their daily routine. It is good for improving the blood sugar level which is good for heart health too. 

4. Full of nutrients-

Benefits of red yeast rice has been known for its essential nutrients like protein, fiber, and multiple vitamins and minerals. It has monacolins that are good for controlling cholesterol. 

2. The Best Red Yeast Rice That You Can Take As A Supplement

1. Nature’s Craft, Red Yeast Rice + CoQ10, 120 Capsules 

Nature's Craft, Red Yeast Rice + CoQ10, 120 Capsules | Hitrendsetter

Nature’s Craft, Red Yeast Rice + CoQ10, 120 Capsules | Hitrendsetter

If you want to add benefits of red yeast rice to your daily routine. Then, iHerb has brought some amazing supplements with the goodness of nutrients. You can try out these Nature’s Craft red yeast capsules that are beneficial for heart, cholesterol, and immunity. It is sourced from a GMP-compliant facility and formulated to meet all your heart health. It is not just good for cholesterol but also for strengthening the body. 

2. Now Foods, Red Yeast Rice, 1200 mg, 60 tablets

This Now Foods red yeast rice supplement is a natural product produced by iHerb and used by traditional herbalists in Asia since 800AD. This supplement from iherb will provide you with proper nutrients as it is made to avoid the presence of citrinin which is an unwanted product of the fermentation process. You can add this to your daily routine to stay fit and keep your heart healthy. 

3. Thorne, benefits of red yeast rice + Coenzyme Q10, 120 Capsules

Thorne, red yeast rice + Coenzyme Q10, 120 capsules | Hitrendsetter

Thorne, red yeast rice + Coenzyme Q10, 120 capsules | Hitrendsetter

If you are looking for something which is gluten-free and enriched with benefits of red yeast rice qualities then you can go for these Thorne capsules from iHerb. They are good for heart and blood vessels and can be added as dietary substances. Enriched with monacolins, they are good for maintaining cholesterol levels and supporting cardiovascular health. Do refer to this if you are facing the same issues. 

4. MRM Nutrition, Red Yeast Rice, 60 Veggie Capsules 

Something that is available for vegetarians is difficult to find, hence iHerb takes charge of it and brings these MRM nutrition red yeast rice supplements for you. These are beneficial for heart health, enriched with monacolin K and citrine-free properties. You just have to take one capsule of this benefits of red yeast rice to keep your health and heart-healthy forever. 

5. Emerald Laboratories, Cholesterol Health, 90 veggie caps 

Emerald Laboratories, Cholesterol Health, 90 veggie caps | Hitrendsetter

Emerald Laboratories, Cholesterol Health, 90 veggie caps | Hitrendsetter

Made from raw, and wholesome foods, these Emerald Laboratories capsules are free of gluten and magnesium stearate and also eligible for vegetarians. You can take three capsules in a day with or without food and also as directed by the prescription. You can go for this red yeast to keep your health maintained. It is also good for people with diabetes and lowers their blood sugar levels.  


Being a natural gift and treasure for humans, red yeast rice is a potential supplement for your health. Whenever it comes to a source of high nutrients and also something that has the qualities of lowering cholesterol levels, red yeast is the first thing you can opt for. From ancient times it has been used as a staple food due to its medicinal properties. You can add this to your routine and maintain your heart health. iHerb here works as a platform from where you can buy these supplements in a variety and they are also available for vegetarians. So now you know the functions and benefits of red yeast for you and your family. For more such benefits and information, do visit Hitrendsetter

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What is the active ingredient in red yeast rice?
The most active ingredient that is found in red yeast rice is Monacolins K. This ingredient helps in lowering cholesterol in the body.
Is red yeast rice a natural remedy for cholesterol?
Yes, red yeast rice is one such natural remedy that can help to control cholesterol and lower blood cholesterol levels.
How is red yeast rice made?
Red yeast rice is made by the fermentation of yeast on rice. Yeast can enrich the rice based on the conditions of fermentation.

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